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Toyota land cruiser 2023 hybrid

Toyota land cruiser 2023 hybrid

They say the 2024 Toyota Prado will debut in the coming year, and it will feature hybrid technology.

There has been talk of a diesel hybrid, a petrol hybrid, and even a V6 engine in connection with the rumored 2023 debut of a new Toyota Prado, the first in 13 years.

According to a recent source, Toyota may reveal the 2024 LandCruiser Prado the next year, along with updated hybrid powertrains and possibly a turbo-diesel V6.

The next-generation LandCruiser Prado will debut to the public between July and September of 2023, according to the Japanese newspaper Best Car, which is a trusted source for information on Toyota's future product plans.

An unconfirmed report claims that the next-generation Toyota Prado will feature a hybrid version of the 2.8-liter turbo-diesel engine found in the current model, in addition to a 2.4- or 2.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine - also with hybrid technology, and possibly turbocharged - though Toyota has yet to confirm these claims.

As of August 2021, Best Car predicted that the Prado, together with the HiLux and the HiAce, would all use the same 2.5-liter diesel-electric hybrid drivetrain.

Possibly in reaction to the forthcoming Ford Everest V6 or even China's GWM Tank 500, Best Car reported earlier this month that the Prado would adopt the LandCruiser 300 Series' 3.3-liter turbo-diesel V6 engine.

Although a tamer V6 would set the Prado apart from the larger LandCruiser, the report states that it has the same 227 kW of power as the 300 Series.

Prado variants have traditionally been available with smaller engines than those found in the top-of-the-line LandCruiser, a practice that has been adopted more recently from the HiLux ute range in order to better distinguish the Prado from the LandCruiser.

The new Prado, according to Best Car and another item from the Japanese website Creative Trend, will be built on the latest iteration of Toyota's global vehicle architecture (TNGA) (or TNGA-F for body-on-frame 4WD vehicles).

Creative Trend claims that the Prado's chassis will share parts with the existing LandCruiser 300 Series and, oddly, the current seven-year-old HiLux.

The new HiLux Rogue, just unveiled by Toyota, may serve as inspiration for the next generation of ute, or it may be adopted by the Prado as is. It features four-wheel disc brakes, a redesigned suspension, and wider axles for a larger tyre footprint.

Best Car, however, reports the new Prado will be the same width (1885mm) as the present '150 Series' model.

Creative Trend has also started calling the new Prado the "180 Series," which is likely just a codename for now.

Prototypes of the 2024 Toyota LandCruiser Prado should start appearing on the road in the second half of next year, if rumors are to be believed.

reports from Japan's Best Car Web claim that the next-generation Prado will debut with not one but two electrified engines in 2019 (a gasoline and a diesel model), the latter of which will undoubtedly be a priority for Toyota Australia.

"Now that we're getting closer to a fully electric future, it only seems sense that commercial vehicles like the LandCruiser, Prado, HiLux, and others will have to adopt some form of electrification (2030). I also don't want people to think that "by 2030" means some time between now and 2029. Along the road to 2030, we'll begin setting those things up, "Sean Hanley, Toyota Australia's v.p. of sales and marketing, recently spoke with CarsGuide.

We are witnessing an obvious acceleration of electrification in this market right now. And it's incumbent upon us as an agile business to adjust to those needs.

The new Prado, it has been said, would include a 2.8-liter turbo-diesel engine paired with twin electric motors and a lithium-ion battery, with the electrification providing a more refined driving experience and reduced fuel consumption without sacrificing towing or off-road prowess.

Fans of the Prado will be relieved to hear this news, as there had been concerns that the diesel engine may be phased out entirely due to more stringent emissions rules.

Whether or not the Prado receives a gasoline engine in Australia is still up in the air, but it will be available elsewhere like the 300 Series. The Prado will use the same 2.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline-hybrid drivetrain as the Toyota RAV4.

There will reportedly be room for either five or seven passengers, and the Prado's exterior measurements of 4825 millimeters in length, 1885 millimeters in width, and 1850 millimeters in height on a 2790 millimeter wheelbase are also expected to remain virtually identical.

The 2019 Prado will ride on Toyota's TNGA architecture, which will bring about an increase in available technologies such as a large 12.3-inch screen in the high-end trims.

So, what's the bad news? The electric Prado is expected to cost more; estimates range from a thousand thousand yen ($9,500) to ten and a half million yen ($10,500) from Japanese media.