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2023 toyota sequoia sr5

2023 toyota sequoia sr5

2023 toyota sequoia sr5

2023 toyota sequoia sr5 has three rows and a hybrid engine.

2023 toyota sequoia sr5 is an SUV. Comparables?

The 2023 toyota sequoia sr5 shares its hybrid powertrain with the Toyota Tundra. Sequoia is Toyota's biggest passenger vehicle and competes with the Nissan Armada, Ford Expedition, and Chevy Tahoe.

How's the 2023 Toyota Sequoia?

The new Sequoia has a robust yet reasonably economical engine and decent value on the basic SR5 variant. Third-row space and shaky hauling restrict its appeal. It has a TCC rating of 6.2 out of 10, before safety. How we rank automobiles.

2023 toyota sequoia sr5 updates

Redesigned eight-seater shares platform with Tundra. More torque, power, towing capacity, and economy, with standard safety and convenience features and a new infotainment system.
It's full-sized. Tundra's front end has a horizontally accentuated grille and LED headlamps that wrap around the front fenders like a corner brace. The 2019 Sequoia TRD Pro has a black roof rack and 18-inch alloy wheels.

Inside, the horizontal trend continues with a chrome-like plastic and genuine wood dash. Most variants include a truck-like console with many storage levels beneath a 14.0-inch touchscreen.

The body-on-frame Sequoia still dominates off-road, but its road manners and efficiency have improved. The old model had 381 horsepower and 401 lb-ft of torque, while the new model has 437 hp and 583 lb-ft. Most versions include four-wheel drive with a 2-speed transfer case for off-roading. Towing isn't as smooth as the Tundra's at 9,520 lb. Quick acceleration and subdued engine sounds make the interior quiet for a large vehicle.

The new Sequoia is 3.0 inches longer, but the hybrid power pack is bulky. Third-row bench or captain's chairs seat two. Only the 60/40-split third row collapses and tumbles forward. Only youngsters can fit comfortably in the third row, which is above the power pack.

The NHTSA and IIHS haven't crash-tested the Sequoia, but Toyota provides it with standard driver-assist technologies.

2023 Toyota Sequoia price?

The new Sequoia costs approximately $10,000 more than its predecessor. Base SR5 trim is $59,795, including a $1,495 destination charge, while top Capstone costs $76,795. The Sequoia's spirit is captured by the basic SR5 with 4WD and TRD Sport.

All Sequoias come with a sunroof, heated front seats, and a surround-view camera system.
Does Toyota's Sequoia look good?

How you define blockiness matters. We don't give the new Sequoia a point for its outward design, but the clean and simple interior wins it a 6.

The Sequoia has a large mesh grille and LED running lights that divide along the fender. Big blocky fenders and a massive hood give it a powerful character, while chrome window trim and roof rails add refinement. A roof spoiler and wraparound taillights smooth the back. Toyota expanded the doors larger for better access, however they cut into the rear quarter window line. TRD Pro versions include orange safety lights in the grille, black 18-inch wheels, a roof rack, and twin TRD exhaust tips.

Most Sequoias feature a 14.0-inch touchscreen, although the basic SR5's 8.0-inch touchscreen blends dash lines better. Screens have ear-like vents. The Sequoia features temperature and towing/drive mode buttons, thus the touchscreen is solely for entertainment, navigation, and deeper settings.
The 2017 Sequoia accelerates quickly and handles well, but towing is rough.
The 2023 Toyota Sequoia's twin-turbo V-6, off-road, and towing capabilities stand out. Independent front and rear suspensions with optional air suspension prevent it from behaving like a truck, therefore it gets a 7.

Toyota Sequoia speed?

We estimate it achieves 60 mph in under six seconds. Its 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6 generates 437 horsepower and 583 lb-ft, and engine noise is far less intrusive than the original V-8, giving the Sequoia more smoothness. This is notably true of the Capstone's acoustic front glass doors, although the enormous side mirrors create wind noise. For EV driving below 18 mph, a motor generator sits between the engine and 10-speed gearbox. Power transfer is almost undetectable, however low gears might shudder.
For highway passing, the 10-speed downshifts briefly from its economical overdrive gears. Paddle shifters are missing, however the gear selector has a manual mode. The Sequoia's substantial steering wheel is well-weighted, and it balances truck strength with SUV serenity.

Is Sequoia 4WD?

Standard rear-wheel drive costs $3,000 more than 4WD, except on the Sequoia TRD Pro. The Sequoia TRD Pro off-roads naturally, with easy climbs, balanced articulation, and a smooth, quiet ride over gravel.

Sequoia TRD's 8.7-inch ground clearance is lower than Tundra TRD Pro's 1.1-inch lift, but 2.5-inch Fox shocks with internal bypass make off-roading easier.
Sport, Normal, and Eco vary engine mapping, while Sport+, Comfort, and Tow/Haul adjust adaptive variable suspension damping. Toyota replaced the Sequoia's independent rear suspension with a solid axle and coil-over rear springs.

The 10-speed keeps the engine from straining while hauling a 7,500-lb boat and trailer at over 50 mph. The receiver's cap is hand-poppable.
023 Toyota Sequoia Quality

The Toyota Sequoia seats eight in three rows, although the rear is snug.
The Sequoia's front seats are power-adjustable and heated, so getting comfy is easy. Backseat and cargo space may need extra preparation. Still, it gets an 8 for comfortable front seats, capacious rears, and space for four people and a few youngsters.

Standard rear bench seats seat eight. Seven may be seated when captain's chairs replace the second-row bench. Second-row seats don't go forward in any layout, but third-row seats slide 5.5 inches. Even youngsters can't fit in the wayback. Any person with legs won't fit with the third-row seats pulled forward for cargo. In the rearmost position, toe room, head room, and cargo space are 11.5 cubic feet. Some tiny vehicles have smaller trunks.

Because of the hybrid battery, the 60/40-split third-row seats don't fold flat into the floor. Toyota uses a retractable three-tiered cargo shelf to keep things organized. At its tallest, it provides a storage shelf behind the split tailgate. Third-row cargo space is 49.0 cubic feet. When the second row is folded, the Sequoia can accommodate 86.9 cubic feet.
GM's full-size SUVs have more cargo and third-row capacity. Toyota lacks a push-button second-row release, unlike several competitors. Third-row passengers pull a strap at the seat's base, which is difficult for elementary students.

Wayback passengers have access to USB-C and USB-A connections and cup holder armrests. Power reclining and folding also help. Uncomfortable.

The Sequoia Capstone has walnut trim and leather hides, whereas the SR5 has plastic and metallic trim and fabric seats.