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Lexus RX 2023 Review

 Lexus RX 2023 Review

Lexus RX 2023 Review

Lexus RX 2023 Review - There are no obstacles in the path of the Lexus RX, with the exception of Tesla. Even though it has been on the market for a cumbersome total of seven years, the current generation of the RX continues to maintain its position as the most popular luxury SUV offered by Lexus. Even though there have been delivery delays and the starting price is close to $70,000, the allure of the Model Y has been able to attract buyers. However, the RX has been able to fight back with its luxury, the reputation of the Lexus brand, and its staying power. Lexus has established itself as an honest, luxury-focused soft-roader with right-sized packaging and no pretensions of being able to perform well off-road ever since the RX was named the first SUV of the Year by MotorTrend in 1999. This has allowed the brand to carve out a niche for itself. And despite the fact that the latest generation of the 2023 RX350, which boasts updated technology, a fresh design, and a new turbocharged I-4 engine, is largely similar to its predecessor, the RX is still better off as a result of this.

There Is No V-6 Engine, But Many Other Options

In 2023, the RX will, at long last, transition to a new platform. This presented Lexus with the opportunity to reduce vehicle weight, enhance vehicle dynamics, integrate new technology, and offer a bewildering variety of model options. In addition to the RX350h hybrid, RX450h+ plug-in hybrid, and RX500h performance-focused hybrid, the 2023 model will also offer a standard RX350 model. Previously, only two-row and three-row variants of the RX350 and RX450h were available. There is no three-row RX model available at this time; however, we have high hopes that the upcoming three-row TX model will do a much better job of accommodating six or more passengers than the claustrophobic RX L or GX ever could.

It is anticipated that the 2023 RX350 will account for the lion's share of sales of new RX models. Under its lower and longer hood is a 2.4-liter turbocharged inline-four that produces 275 horsepower and 317 pound-feet of torque. The power is transmitted through an eight-speed automatic transmission. Previously, it had a V-6 engine. This is a decrease in power but an increase in torque compared to the previous model; however, we believe that the majority of buyers will be more concerned about the color combinations available for the interior and exterior of their RX rather than the total number of horsepower available. The previous V-6 model's fuel economy has been improved across the board by 2 mpg, and the new model is expected to achieve an EPA rating of 22/29 mpg city/highway with FWD and 21/28 mpg with AWD. According to Lexus, the new RX350 will take 7.2 seconds with all-wheel drive (AWD) and 7.5 seconds with front-wheel drive (FWD) to reach 60 miles per hour, which places it approximately half a second behind the 2022 model.

When driving on open highways, the RX350's four-cylinder engine operates in the background the majority of the time, which is exactly where it should be. Even in its F Sport guise, the Lexus RX remains a luxury SUV, so the engine is tuned to be more subdued than usual. It's also possible that the engine doesn't sing as beautifully as the turbo I-4 found in the Acura RDX, which is a more compact SUV. When it came to the RX350, we were unable to identify any significant turbo lag, and the experience at idle did not cause us to raise an eyebrow. (When you turn on some engines, they immediately begin to make an excessive amount of rumbling or vibration.)

The only issue we had with the RX350's engine was the sound it made when under moderate to full acceleration; we found it to be a little bit rough around the edges. However, this is not where owners of RX350s will spend the majority of their time. However, despite the fact that this is primarily a cruiser, out of all of the 2023 RX models that we tested, the RX350 had the most noticeable steering feel. The eight-speed automatic transmission in the RX is responsive and smooth, but once again, consumers who expect a sportier vehicle may be better off purchasing something else. Having said that, the ride quality of the RX350 F Sport model is a little on the stiff side, but it does not in any way feel unpleasant.

The Lexus Touch, Now With (Mostly) Modern Technology The Lexus RX's appeal stems in large part from its high level of interior quality and luxury, and we can comment unequivocally on the latter. Although the test SUVs that Lexus provided were pre-production prototypes and didn't quite represent the quality of the models that you'll see on dealer lots, the attention to detail was still present in all of the vehicles.

 Even the interior door pulls and the sides of the center console look and feel very plush. Almost every surface has a great appearance or a plush feel. After spending time in models spanning the RX trim walk in the 2023 model year, we found that even the base model possessed a level of design and luxury feel that made it deserving of the L badge.

Having said that, we would recommend purchasing the Premium+, Luxury, or F Sport Handling trim level of the 2023 Lexus RX rather than the standard or Premium model in order to increase the size of the infotainment system's touchscreen from 9.8 inches to 14.0 inches. This feature is only available on those three trim levels. It simply provides a better experience on a daily basis. 

Keep in mind that these two screens serve a dual purpose, displaying controls for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system in addition to onscreen nav and audio information. Suddenly, those 9.8 inches don't go as far as you think they do, especially if you like a split-screen experience with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. This is especially true if you have a larger screen. In either case, the new information and entertainment logic works wonderfully, and you can experiment with various controls by using voice commands. (A helpful hint: Instead of saying "turn the air down," say "reduce fan speed," as this will prevent the temperature from falling in your RX.)

Despite the fact that the infotainment screen is a significant step forward for RX purchasers, the digital instrument cluster is still in desperate need of an update. There is no option for a full digital screen, but every model comes equipped with a display that is 7.0 inches in size. 

We are willing to accept that on a lower trim level, but we would like to see Lexus offer a full digital display as an option. This is a feature that is becoming more widely available across the automotive industry. The RX display, in its current configuration, is capable of performing its intended function, although it occasionally makes one feel as if there is too much information on the screen. It's not true that more is always better, but in this instance, it most certainly is.

Lexus Didn't Forget The Basics

The attractiveness of the RX can be attributed, in part, to the fact that it comes in a convenient midsize package. This is still the case with the 2023 RX350, which features a roomy back seat as well as a cargo area that can now hold more items than in previous models. Despite this, the bloat that affects such a significant portion of this industry cannot be found anywhere. 

The redesigned Lexus RX350 is one of the few vehicles that allows its occupants to stretch out in comfort without requiring them to clench their teeth and hold their breath as they maneuver the vehicle into a parking spot. Lexus was successful in keeping the overall length of the new RX the same, despite the fact that the wheelbase of the vehicle was lengthened. You still won't feel as in command as you might from behind the wheel of a BMW X5, but the back seat of that competitor isn't nearly as roomy as you'd expect it to be. However, even if it were, the BMW has a starting price that is over sixty thousand dollars, which brings us back to the RX350.

No, the performance of the 2023 RX350 isn't particularly impressive; however, as stated previously, that's not the point. Instead, the focus is on delivering Lexus-level luxury along with cutting-edge technology in an SUV with adequate cargo space. And yes, there is room for improvement, but the 2023 RX350 is a vehicle that continues to burnish the RX's well-worn reputation as a solid combination of luxury, value, and space—one that we are confident will continue to resonate with buyers for years to come. And yes, there is room for improvement.