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Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Driver

 Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Driver

The Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Driver download professional A3+ desktop printer is the first of its kind to be made available in the region. It sports an eight-color separate ink tank system with the most recent ChromaLife100 dye inks and employs the patented FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) printhead technology. Canon states that prints made with these inks on select Canon papers will have an archival life span of 100 years, which is on par with that of some pigment inks.

Up to 11 million droplets per square inch can be laid down by the print head. These inks, which can be deposited with 2-picolitre accuracy, are capable of producing superb detail reproduction, and the addition of separate red and green ink cartridges enables photographers to reproduce a larger spectrum of colors than is possible with regular CMYK ink sets. There is only one black ink cartridge for use with various paper types.

Structural and Operational Considerations

The Pro9000, as could be anticipated, is a sizable printer, taking up a whopping 66 x 35 cm when folded up. To accommodate heavyweight paper (up to 1.2 mm thick) in the front tray, at least 40 cm of space is required behind the printer when the paper in and out trays are fully extended. A typical top-loading feeder with a flip-up support for legal-size paper facilitates most printing jobs. The width of the paper being used for printing can be adjusted with the use of an adjustable guide.

Plug-ins and USB recharging The printhead and ink tanks are accessible by lifting the top panel, and two 2.0 Hi-Speed ports may be found at either end of the back panel. The power switch, resume/cancel button, front feed button, and direct print port are all located on the control panel. To the left of the top two buttons are two status LEDs that indicate the current power and alert status.

Although the Pro9000 lacks memory card ports for direct printing, a USB direct print port is located on the front panel so that a digital camera can be used with the printer. The LCD screen on most consumer cameras allows photographers to inspect their photos and make modest edits. Adjusting the white balance, color tone, saturation, contrast, and brightness is simply the tip of the iceberg for professionals. When using an EOS DSLR with Canon's Picture Style, the direct connection streamlines the procedure.

The Pro9000's set up procedure is painless. To begin using it, load the software (disks for both Windows and Mac are included), set up the print head and ink cartridges, and put paper into the automatic sheet feeder. The printer should be automatically recognized by the operating system and the drivers installed when you connect it to your PC via a USB cable (not included) and turn on the power. Before continuing, you must complete a nozzle and head alignment test that prints out on two sheets. The only issue we had was because an ink cartridge wasn't properly installed in its bay (you have to push down firmly on the cartridges near the edge of the printer to lock them in).

Canon provides a barebones printed "Quick Start Guide" to assist with first setup. On the CD that comes with the program is a detailed handbook. All of the ins and outs of using a printer are spelled out here in an easy-to-understand fashion. A comprehensive Troubleshooting section is also included.

Controlling Workflows

Canon's latest A3+ printers were made to easily fit into a commercial setting. Digital Photo Professional (v2.1 or later) and the Easy-PhotoPrint Pro plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS/CS2 are included in the software package. In order to make adjustments to a raw file before importing it into Photoshop, you can open it in Digital Photo Professional (DPP). Also, raw photographs don't have to be converted to TIFF or JPEG before being printed.

Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Driver Download

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