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2023 Lexus LS 500 Review

2023 Lexus LS 500 Review

2023 Lexus LS 500 Review With the IS, visitors from all over the world have had access to a more interactive connection between their vehicles and their drivers. When the next-generation IS debuted in 2021, Lexus built upon that tradition by introducing Lexus Driving Signature, a central tenet of the Lexus brand that refined the vehicle's driving performance foundations. The all-new 2022 IS 500 F SPORT Performance, powered by a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 that produced 472 horsepower and 395 pound-feet of torque, added an indisputable presence to the range.

The 2023 IS will improve upon its predecessor by including new high-end amenities as standard equipment.

The 2023 IS will improve upon its predecessor by including new high-end amenities as standard equipment.

In the IS 500 F SPORT and IS 500 F SPORT Premium,

New 19-inch Enkei alloy wheels with a dark finish will be standard equipment on the IS 500 in 2023. The special 19-inch Matte Black BBS forged alloy wheels from the 2022 IS 500 Launch Edition will carry over to the 2023 IS 500 as an available option for both IS 500 F SPORT Performance versions.

The IS 500 F SPORT Premium grade will receive a brand-new 2023 Special Appearance Package for customers who wish to enhance their vehicle to the next level. Alloy wheels finished in a distinctive Matte Black by BBS measure 19 inches in diameter, and the special exterior is painted in eye-catching Molten Pearl with a Black NuLuxe® interior. Unique color-matched floor trim mats and key gloves are included in the 2023 Special Appearance Package.

Only 150 examples of the 2023 IS 500 F SPORT Premium with the Special Appearance Package will be produced and sold beginning this coming autumn.

F SPORT IS 300/350

Powerful performance and superb craftsmanship are maintained in the 2023 IS 300 and IS 350 F SPORT. The IS 350 will get a new F SPORT Design trim for 2023, and it'll be available in RWD and all-wheel drive. There are new 19-inch F SPORT alloy wheels on the revised IS 350 F SPORT Design in addition to the bumpers, grille, rear lip spoiler, and badging that characterize the F SPORT package.

Also new for 2023 is a Handling Package for the IS 350 F SPORT that includes things like an adaptive variable suspension (AVS), a Torsen limited-slip rear differential (on RWD variants), and a Drive Mode Select with Sport S/S+ and Custom Modes. Also available as an upgrade are the 19-inch Matte Black BBS forged alloy wheels.

A new Special Appearance Package will be available for the IS 350 F SPORT in 2023. It features a one-of-a-kind exterior color scheme with Incognito paint, Obsidian black hood and roof, and black NuLuxe® interior. Dark 19-inch Enkei alloy wheels are included to round out the unique appearance created by this kit. In total, only 480 units will be made available to customers this fall.

Shimoyama Is Home to the Lexus Driving Style.

The 2021 IS marked the beginning of a generation of cars with a consistent Lexus Driving Signature, all of which were created at Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama. Since Lexus's inception, the Chief Engineer's vision and efforts have guided the tactile feel, behavior, and execution of each model (CE).

The Lexus Next Chapter, of which Lexus Driving Signature is a central tenet, represents a radical change in our approach to product development and company culture. The CE's goal is to implement Koji Sato and Akio Toyoda's vision for the vehicles' performance and handling, who serve as Lexus International's president and chief branding officer, respectively. The ultimate objective is to release a new line of Lexus automobiles that are uniform in appearance and feel, with responsive and linear control, great handling, grip, and confidence, and enhanced ride quality and quietness. Detailed testing and assessment at Toyota's Technical Center in Shimoyama brings these features to life.

The "F" in F SPORT is for "fast," "fun," and "ferocious."

With the latest generation of the IS, the F SPORT trim level is only available on the IS 350 F SPORT, which has been given a number of visual and performance upgrades, including a new front bumper with integrated aerodynamic aids, a new rear bumper, grille surround, rear lip spoiler, and new rocker molding. In addition, F SPORT variants are distinguished by special F SPORT 19-inch wheels and F SPORT badging.

The strong fenders of the IS stretch outward to complement and house the car's optional 19-inch wheels, contributing to the vehicle's intentionally aggressive visual design. The IS's wide and low profile alludes to the exceptional driving performance it provides, while the elegant lines are further accentuated by the overt aggression of the character lines that run along the side and shoulder.

The IS has slim headlights with daytime running lights that form a distinctive L-shape above the lightweight and small lamp units, running parallel to the vehicle's side. These headlights, along with the low-set portions of the grille and the correspondingly low-set character lines that extend from the front bumper to the trunk, combine to convey an impression of a low center of gravity. The new, low-slung bonnet is accompanied by reworked triple-beam LED headlights.

The IS's rocker panels are shaped in a way that kicks up at the back, accentuating the car's sharp side profile and continuing the sharp overall contour into the broad shoulders over the rear wheels. The forceful appearance is accentuated by the contrast between the back fenders and the gently sloping rear quarter pillars, which together help generate a solid cabin profile that wraps around from the sides.

The larger hips are accentuated by the IS's low stance, which is achieved by the integration of the lines of the rear fenders into the enlarged, lowered rear deck. Press-in mold building, a stamping process, is used to generate the three-dimensional shape of the rear deck design. Certainly the L-shaped blade-style lightbar that runs across the back of the car will attract the most attention.

The IS's interior comes standard with NuLuxe® upholstered seats, a 10-way power driver's seat and an 8-way power adjustable front passenger's seat, a touch-sensitive dual-zone automatic climate control system, a power sunroof, and SmartAccess with push-button start/stop.

Lexus introduces a new kind of visual expression and Takumi workmanship with the F SPORT vehicles' door trim featuring embossed crossing lines. The new for 2023 IS 500 F SPORT Performance versions have decorative ornamentation coated in Black Metallic paint, Black Geometric Film, or the special Satin Chrome. Black, Glazed Caramel, and Rioja Red are the three standard NuLuxe interior trim color options. Black, Circuit Red, and a two-tone White/Black inside trim are all options for the IS 350 F SPORT and IS 500 F SPORT.

The IS is equipped with a typical 8-inch touchscreen interface. Vehicles with GPS or the Mark Levinson Premium Audio Package have access to a 10.3-inch touchscreen, making for a rather roomy interface. The media player is compatible with Apple CarPlay®, Android AutoTM, and Amazon Alexa.

With its 17 speakers and powerful 1,800-watt amplifier, the optional Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound Audio System provides an immersive audio experience. Mark Levinson's system is superior because it eliminates noise, boosts volume (thanks to two extra speakers), and fine-tunes the acoustic balance of the room. The Unity rear surround speakers are a tweeter and a midrange speaker in one. The audio amplifier now supports compressed music and provides a 7.1 surround sound experience thanks to upgraded Quantum Logic Surround.

Transfer Cases, Transmissions, and Engines

There are four different engine options available, including rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, and hybrid, for the 2023 IS, and each is grade-specific.

There is a 2.0-liter turbocharged and intercooled inline four-cylinder powering the rear wheels of the IS 300. An adaptive gearbox system is included into the 2.0-liter engine, and it uses driver input to select the optimal gear for the current driving conditions. The sturdy four-cylinder generates 258 lb.-ft. of torque from 1,650 rpm all the way up to 4,400 rpm, and it is rated to create 241 hp. A complex Variable Valve Timing intelligent - Wide (VVTi-W) system allows the engine to vary between the Otto and Atkinson combustion cycles to improve efficiency, making it not only powerful but also fuel-efficient. It has an eight-speed automatic transmission called Sport Direct Shift (SPDS). It has a sophisticated artificial intelligence (G-AI) system that uses data from a number of performance indicators to select the best gear for the given situation.

The IS 300 can be had with all-wheel drive for improved traction in snowy or icy conditions. The IS 300 AWD is driven by a 260-horsepower, 3.5-liter V6 that sends power to all four wheels via a 6-speed automated transmission and 236 lb-ft of torque. Electronically regulating the front-to-rear distribution of torque, all-wheel drive systems aim to improve traction and grip. Maximum performance is achieved with a torque distribution of 30:70 between the front and rear wheels on dry pavement, although this can be increased to 50:50 under specific conditions.

The IS 350 is available with either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that generates 311 horsepower and 280 lb.-ft. of peak torque for buyers who demand more muscle. The IS 300 RWD's eight-speed Sport Direct Shift automatic transmission is used in this model, while the IS 300 AWD's six-speed automatic transmits power. The IS 350 RWD accelerates to 60 miles per hour in 5.6 seconds, while the IS 350 AWD takes 5.7 seconds. These numbers should put to rest any doubts about the performance focus of each vehicle.

Lexus is pleased to offer the IS 500 F SPORT Performance to its most dedicated customers, who demand the absolute pinnacle of driving performance and excitement. The IS 500 is the first flagship vehicle from the F SPORT Performance division, and the pinnacle of the IS lineup. The 472 horsepower and 395 lb-ft of torque come from a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 under the very high hood. This high-output engine is directed through an eight-speed automatic Sport Direct Shift transmission to the rear wheels, and its rumbling growl is amplified by a quad exhaust system with dual stacked tail pipes.

2.0+ Lexus Safety System

Among the standard equipment for the 2023 IS is the Lexus Safety System+ 2.5, which includes a number of vital active safety elements. The reaction range of the Frontal Collision Warning (FCW), Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Pedestrian Detection, and Bicycle Detection components of the Pre-Collision System (PCS) has been increased thanks to upgrades to the lens camera and millimeter-wave radar components. Because radar and camera capabilities have been improved, the system can now aid in detecting not only the vehicle ahead, but also a preceding biker during the day and a preceding pedestrian during both daytime and low-light conditions. The system is equipped to recognize an oncoming vehicle while making a left-hand turn, or a pedestrian when making a left- or right-hand turn, and is programmed to trigger normal PCS functions if necessary. Emergency Steering Assist (ESA) is an additional PCS feature that is meant to help the driver stay in their lane.

Above 30 mph, you'll be able to engage All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), which is built to regulate your vehicle's distance from others all the way down to a stop and back up to 30 mph. Overtaking of slower vehicles is also made easier with DRCC. If the vehicle is following another vehicle that is going slower than the predetermined speed, the system will offer an initial boost in acceleration in preparation for changing lanes, and it will continue to accelerate after the lane change is complete.

When traveling at speeds more than 32 mph, Lane Departure Inform with Steering Assist (LDA w/ SA) is meant to alert the driver by vibrating the steering wheel or sounding an alarm if it detects an accidental lane departure. It can make tiny adjustments to help the driver stay within the clearly indicated lanes. When the DRCC is activated, Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) is meant to help the driver stay in their lane by applying a little amount of steering power to help steer to the middle of the lane based on the car in front of them or any visible lane markings. There are two ways in which LTA can alert the driver: a visual warning and an auditory alarm or steering wheel vibration. Improved detection of line and road border, lateral G performance, and greater control and stability after lane shift are only some of the ways in which the IS has elevated the lane recognition performance that enables LTA.

Intelligent High Beams, a component of the Lexus Safety System+ 2.5, monitors the distance to vehicles ahead and ahead of you and automatically toggles between high beam and low beam depending on their brightness. When data is available, the camera and navigation maps in Road Sign Assist (RSA) are used to obtain specific road sign information, which is then displayed on the MID (MID).