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2023 Mazda CX 5 Review

2023 Mazda CX 5 Review


The 2023 Mazda CX-5 lives up to the company's reputation for sporty driving dynamics while also providing a near-luxury experience at a reasonable price. When equipped with the optional 256-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the CX-5 becomes one of our favorite small SUVs thanks to its excellent balance between agile handling and upscale cabin. The base engine is a more powerful four-cylinder with 187 horsepower, but all-wheel drive and agile handling come standard on every CX-5. The CX-5 has some flaws, such as less interior space than competitors like the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4. Still, the Mazda CX-5 stands out as a stylish option in a class dominated by functional vehicles.

For the year 2023, what's new?

Mazda says it will continue to sell both the CX-5 and the CX-50, despite the sibling rivalry that will inevitably arise in the showroom now that the two vehicles are available. Adding a new available Rhodium White paint color, the 2023 CX-5 is otherwise unchanged from the previous year.

The CX-5 Turbo is the best representation of the CX-5 in our opinion. The new 256-horsepower turbocharged engine makes it faster and more in line with its agile handling. The exterior has a sophisticatedly sporty appearance thanks to the gloss-black details that are unique to each trim level. Its interior features sporty touches like red stitching to match the exterior.
Energy Consumption and Actual MPG

The CX-5 offers two EPA ratings due to its two available engine configurations. The EPA estimates 24 city mpg and 30 highway mpg for the standard 2.5-liter engine. The EPA estimates a fuel economy of 22 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway with the more powerful turbocharged engine. We put them through our rigorous test schedule's 75 mph highway route, and the basic engine got 32 mpg while the turbo four got 30 mpg. Check out the EPA's site for specifics on the CX-5's gas mileage.

Roomy Interior, Plenty of Cupholders, and Plenty of Storage

It's possible that if you were kidnapped and woke up in the luxury CX-5 versions, you'd assume that your captors were driving an Audi or a Mercedes. The use of high-quality materials and a well-thought-out design give it an elegant air. The accelerator pedal is attached to the floor rather than being suspended above it, the wheel is centered in front of the driver rather than being tilted to one side, and the armrests in the front seats are all the same height. The CX-5 only managed to fit nine standard-sized luggage behind the back seats during our tests, proving that sacrifices come in tiny packages. The load floor of the storage area is perfectly level, which is a definite plus. There are numerous compartments around the cabin for stowing away electronic devices. For instance, the front of the center console features a deep tray and a bin with a shelf that can be removed for further storage.

Drivetrain, Power, and Efficiency

The base four-cylinder engine in the CX-5 generates 187 horsepower and has excellent throttle response, making it feel faster than it is while accelerating away from stoplights or dashing through the city. When traveling at highway speeds, passing another vehicle, or merging onto the motorway, it lacks the necessary power to keep up. The turbocharged 256-horsepower model was substantially quicker off the line. Each powertrain is matched to a quick six-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. You can enjoy and appreciate the CX-5 for all that it is without having to push it to its limits. True, its responsive controls and stable handling make it a fantastic Sunday drive. However, it is able to absorb bumps in the road silently and offers a ride quality that rivals crossovers costing twice as much. This balanced interaction of forces is unparalleled in the market. You won't hear the cracks in the pavement, there won't be much road noise, and the damping won't make your ride too bouncy or too bouncy. However, the Mazda really comes to life on winding roads. Responses from the electrically assisted steering are to one's liking. The Signature model we tested had a brake pedal that felt solid under foot, responding quickly and not being overly sensitive.

In-depth Entertainment and Linked Resources

A 10.3-inch infotainment display is standard on all trim levels, and it is controlled primarily via a rotary controller and volume knob located in the center stack. The interface also operates through voice commands and buttons on the steering wheel. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard across the board. The CX-5 comes with Mazda Connected Services that enables access to remote vehicle functions via a smartphone app and a subscription-based Wi-Fi hotspot.